About Me

I am a child of God who wears many hats. I am a God-fearing woman who is a wife and mother. I am an Author who learned that my truth is worth telling to save other souls. Through disobedience I was exposed to many dangers such as depression, poverty, suicidal thoughts and attempts, and physical as well as emotional abuse. God never took His Hands off of my life. My Abba Father has blessed me to get out of that situation alive and with a story to tell. 

Mr. and Mrs. Dupree

God’s timing is perfect and must have its perfect work. Everything has its season. This is our time for eternal love.

My Boys

My goal as a mother of 8 kings is to raise my sons with respect, morals, and drive. I teach them that nothing will be handed to them in life. Anything they want, they will have to work hard to get it. 

My Princess

For 12 years I prayed for this beautiful princess. I remember being told I would never have a girl. I cried when I was told I was having yet another boy.

Everything is in God’s perfect timing. I’m so thankful for her. Now is her time and season. My Princess Genesis.

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